The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park



Marcelline Hemingway Sanford Collection: Over 800 photographs, printed materials, clothing, accessories, furniture, household items, pieces of art and art materials compiled by Hemingway's older sister. Highlights of the collection include: Ernest's 1917 high school commencement program, his personal senior yearbook copy, the 1921 invitation to his wedding, the contents of a box set into the hearth of the family's Kenilworth Avenue home, family furniture, and typescripts of Mrs. Sanford's book, At the Hemingways (1962), (a firsthand account of the family's life in Oak Park).

Woods Archives: 2,300 books, articles, correspondence, photographs and pamphlets assembled by Waring Jones, collector of Hemingway memorabilia. Highlights include the Agnes Von Kurowsky letters.

Frank Laurence Collection: Movie posters from films of Hemingway works and recordings made by original stars of the films.