Elmhurst University

The Rudolf G. Schade Archives is the institutional memory of Elmhurst University. Founded in 1871 by the German Evangelical Church (now part of the United Church of Christ), the University has long been an integral part of the city of Elmhurst, Illinois. The mission of the Rudolf G. Schade Archives is to serve Elmhurst University, the surrounding community, and the Church by identifying, preserving, organizing, and making accessible its records of enduring value.

elmhurst_featured_image.jpgIn naming the Archives, Elmhurst University remembers the life of Rudolf G. Schade (1908-2000), professor of history, archivist, and great friend to Elmhurst University. He was regarded by many as “the greatest institutional presence the College has ever known.”

The College Archives includes non-current administrative records and a wide variety of records documenting student, faculty, and staff life. Records housed in the Archives date back to the university's inception in 1871 and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • University administrative correspondence, 1880-1924
  • Records of College presidents, 1871-present
  • Publications of the University, including yearbooks, University catalogs, and student newspapers
  • Images of events and individuals
  • Records of student activities and organizations
  • Records of administrative departments and the Board of Trustees
  • Programs, publicity, scrapbooks and memorabilia of University events and activities
  • Artifacts reflecting the history of the University