Museum of Broadcast Communications

We believe in the power of broadcast, be it radio, television or the digital world. We also believe building more media-literate and engaged audiences are the keys to fostering imagination, creativity, awareness and accountability. Therefore, we are a hub to inspire inquiry, respectful discussion, thoughtful examination and celebration of entertainment and news. We teach historical framing to make the past relevant to today and tomorrow while ensuring the inclusion of diverse voices. We design and support exhibits, curriculum and programs to serve as a bridge between producers, consumers, academics and students.

CCC MBC 2.pngThe Museum of Broadcast Communications was founded in 1982 and opened to the public in June 1987 at the River City at 800 S. Wells St. It remained there until June 1992, when it moved to the Chicago Cultural Center. The MBC opened in its current location at 360 N. State Street in Chicago on June 13, 2012.

From variety shows to talk shows and news, join us in celebrating personalities who have had an impact in both rock & roll and TV.

Come visit Bozo, Svengoolie, Garfield Goose, and all your old friends!

The Museum of Broadcast Communications is one of only three museums dedicated to broadcast history in the nation.