Historic Pullman Foundation

Historic Pullman Foundation is the nonprofit partner of Pullman National Monument. For decades, we have created opportunities for all people to experience and understand the continuing American story that is Pullman.

HPF was chartered in 1973 as an Illinois nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 tax status. Since then we have:

  • served as a vehicle to acquire and restore important public buildings within the Pullman Historic District;
  • developed and provided educational programs and tours; and
  • conducted research and long-range community planning to help preserve and restore the Pullman Historic District.

Virtual records can be viewed at www.pullman-museum.org. This site includes the Pullman House Project—consisting of more than 41,000 records, such as the 1883 and 1889 city directories, and the 1900-1940 censuses—and more than 9,200 additional documents and images.

With the help of our supporters and partners, valuable artifacts and archives are being preserved. The Hotel Florence and Market Hall survived the threat of demolition. And we have welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world to Pullman each year—a testament to the importance of Pullman’s place in history.