July 30, 2019

Race Riots and Chicago in 1919 Digital Exhibit

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The Race Riots and Chicago in 1919 digital exhibit places Chicago’s racial tension in the context of dramatic local and global events of that year. Explore historical records that document how Chicagoans experienced explosive labor conflicts, the effects of soldiers returning from war, changing migration, a dirigible disaster, and other events that shaped the city in 1919.

Curated by our colleagues at the University of Illinois at Chicago: 

  • David Greenstein, PhD (Lecturer, Special Collections and University Archives, Richard J. Daley Library)
  • Megan Keller Young (Instructor and Special Collections Librarian, Special Collections and University Archives)

This digital timeline is part of the citywide initiative Chicago 1919: Confronting the Race Riots organized by the Newberry Library.

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PHOTO: A group of men and armed National Guard in front of the Ogden Cafe during the race riots in Chicago, Illinois 1919. Jan Fujita, photographer

SOURCE: Chicago History Museum CHM-i65485