January 27, 2016

PRWeb: "The Chicago Architectural Photographing Company Collection Is Now Available in the THS Online Catalog"

The Theatre Historical Society of America, home to the American Theatre Architecture Archives, is working to bring more of its collections online, increasing access by scholars, theatres, professionals and enthusiasts. The Chicago Architectural Photographing Co. (CAPC) was organized in 1885 to serve the demand for architectural photography in the bustling post-fire building boom. Many well-known architects used the services of the company such as Adler & Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Burnham & Root, etc. The firm survived in its original form until 1973, when the last two principals, Walter Kaszubowski and Paul Broderson, retired. Around that time, the main collection was offered up for sale. However, the principals would also occasionally sell groups of negatives to various organizations. It was during this time (early 1970s) that Theatre Historical Society acquired the theatre related negatives.  Read More >