January 25, 2016

ILA Reporter: "It Takes a City: Chicago Collections Brings Collaboration to the Next Level"

There are few cities that support their libraries, archives, and museums the way Chicago does. Chicago playwright David Mamet famously referred to the Chicago Public Library as his “alma mater,” and Chicagoans have enjoyed several celebrations of our cultural heritage in recent months, including Chi… Read More >

January 13, 2016

Inside Higher Ed: "Out of the Stacks"

If you take the books out of a library, is it still a library? That’s the question the Georgia Institute of Technology pondered -- and eventually answered in the affirmative -- when administrators, faculty members and librarians there in 2013 began to define their vision of what the institute’s libr… Read More >

December 7, 2015

Chicago Tribune: "Maps of the city as varied as its neighborhoods"

Last Tuesday I wrote about visual artist Tim Anderson rediscovering a painting he had made 15 years ago of the city of Chicago containing, to his calculations and research, some 198 different neighborhoods. He found the painting and had it professionally photographed, had copies made and began selli… Read More >

December 1, 2015

C&RL News: "Chicago Collections launches Explore Chicago Collections digital portal"

Chicago Collections launched its Explore Chicago Collections digital portal at a public event held at the Harold Washington Library Center on November 5, 2015. Explore Chicago Collections is a digital portal providing access to images, maps, descriptions of archival collections, and other resources … Read More >

November 30, 2015

Chicago Tribune: "Chicago neighborhood map stands the test of time"

There are, by the count of cartographers and real estate developers and politicians, God knows how many neighborhoods in Chicago. And no matter how sad and downtrodden, how happy and polished, people live and work in all of them. Visual artist Tim Anderson lives and works in the West Town neighborho… Read More >

November 25, 2015

Curbed Chicago: "Chicago Collections compiles moments of the Auditorium Building"

The Chicago Collections is a testament to the power of working together, especially when you're a consortium of 21 libraries, museums, and other grand cultural institutions with archives that can tell the history and culture of Chicago powerfully in a way that no single organization can. In the holi… Read More >