October 28, 2015

Women and Leadership Archives, Loyola University Chicago: "Explor(ing) cool Chicago collections"

If you are a history buff, an experienced researcher, or have even a mild interest in Chicago history and culture – drop everything you are doing and go to the Explore Chicago Collections website. Have you done it yet? I’ll wait. Now that you are up to speed, let the gushing begin. Explore Chicago C… Read More >

October 23, 2015

Uptown Update: 'Explore Chicago Collections' archive now online, Uptown Theatre construction photos included

An absolute treasure trove of photos has just been made available for Chicago history enthusiasts… Read More >

Fall 2015

Libra: "A single portal to Chicago history"

The University of Chicago Library is a major partner in the creation of a new online portal, Explore Chicago Collections, that documents the rich history and culture of the Chicago region. Launching in late October, the free portal helps researchers, students, and the general public to locate and ac… Read More >

August 27, 2015

Crain's Chicago: "Top museum exhibits this fall"

The Chicago Public Library, the Art Institute, most of the major local universities and several other institutions recently pooled their archives to create Chicago Collections, a consortium promoting and sharing the city's history and culture. The group has put together an exhibition showing histori… Read More >

June 23, 2015

Jell Creative: "Out of the Stacks: rebranding Chicago Collections Consortium

We hate to admit it, but we were caught unaware. When Jaclyn Grahl, executive director of Chicago Collections Consortium, contacted us in September 2014, we had not yet heard of the organization. It turns out that we were not alone… Read More >